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Hentec RPS

RPS Automation, a company with over 25 years of automated soldering experience design and combine the latest in technology and robotics to manufacture a complete line of high precision selective soldering, lead tinning, component testing and steam aging equipment for the electronics and circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

selective soldering

Selective Soldering Machines

Selective soldering uses travelling flux and miniwave technology to apply a precise amount of flux and solder to select through hole components terminations on a printed circuit board (PCB). RPS uses several types of XYZ axis configurations to articulate the soldering miniwave beneath the circuit board.

Lead Tinning

Lead Tinning Machines

Lead tinning describes the tinning or solder coating of SMT, throughhole and odd form electronic components. A broad list of lead tinning applications can include solder coating, lead attach, solderability testing, and resistance to dissolution of metallization testing.

Solderability testing systems

Solderability Testing Machines

The Photon and Pulsar are proven industry platforms for the Steam Aging and Dip & Look Solderability Test in accordance with IPC and MIL-spec industry standards.

"Artificial Aging" Test done by the Photon provides additional testing capability by aftificialy aging components by exposing them to 8 hours of precision controlled temperature and steam.

"Dip & Look Test" is performed by the Pulsar which provides precise handling of electronic components for the automated process of flux and solder dip of component terminations.

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