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Banner Sensors for Any Industrial Automation Application

Banner D10 High Performance Fibre Optic Sensor with Bargraph Display

D10 with Bargraph Display
Advanced sensor with the most advanced diagnostic and indicator showing the reliability of the application setup.
Banner Q12 Miniature Self Contained Sensor

Q12 Miniature Self Contained Sensor
Powerful sensing solution in very confined areas with enhanced durability in rugged sealed housing
Banner QS18U Compact high speed ultrasonic sensor

QS18 Compact High Speed Ultrasonic Sensor
Delivers high accuracy detecting clear or transparent material and colour variations in wet or dirty environments.
Banner QS30EX High Performance Long range sensor

QS30EX World Beam Series
Reliable sensing in heavy fog, mist and dusty environment.
Banner QT50U Chemical Resistant Ultrasonic Sensor

QT50U Series Chemical Resistant Ultrasonic Sensor
Ideal for monitoring liquid and solid levels with confined area such as a storage tank without interference from the tank walls
Banner DF-G1 Amplifier

DF-G1 General Purpose Fibre Optic Amplifier
Reliable detection in low contrast and low range applicationx.
Fast response time, great for detecting small objects
Banner LED Lighting Indicators

LED Lighting Indicators
Low-power, longer-life, maintenance free brigher illumination for powerful visual management

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