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Hentec RPS

Lead Tinning Machines

Hentec|RPS, an early pioneer in small, mid and high volume lead tinning equipments. With different models available to serve all industry segments and different volume requirements. Designed for universal component tinning and testing, able to handle standard connectors and odd shaped devices with customized assemblies.

Lead tinning consists of manual or automated process of sriping the old alloy from a component and replacing it with new alloy or applying an alloy to a new component. Configurations for single component, multiple components, angled insertion, static and dynamic chemistry treatment (e.g. dynamic flux/solder bath) are also common.

Odyssey 925
Odyssey 925

Odyssey 1750
Odyssey 1325/1750

Available features include flux and solder stations, pre-heat, dynamic or static solder baths. Total controllability to set process parameters with immersion depths, dwell times, insertion and extraction speed.

Hentec|RPS automated systems deliver precision, repeatability and defect free processing to meet modern manufacturers requirements.

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