MicroVision Profile

Automation with Our Vision

UST Technology, through its MicroVision division, offers families of products serving back-end semiconductor fabrication and assembly, and with board application for other electronics manufacturing processes. Our headquarters and advanced production facility is located in Singapore and has been a provider in machine vision applications and in the automation of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Here we produce an array of products including different integrated circuit inspection systems and all of our automation tools are designed with maintenance and reliability as a primary requirement. Our systems are the premium choice for most advanced semiconductor facilities in the world and we are known for innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology.

Our Approach

Our approach is customer-focused. We informally partner with end users to customize and develop designs that meet their most exacting requirements, now and in the future. Our emphasis is on long-term relationships, characterized by strong field support, no-charge software upgrades and responsive design.
Our integrated circuits inspection system can be easily changed over to accommodate different devices, and are flexible platforms to accommodate PVIB, PVIC and PVIS inspection, tape and reel packaging and many others.

Our Goal

We take pride in our systems to an extreme and assure the quality throughout. Our goal is to ship systems that are adhered to performance specifications through 24 hours per day, 7 days per week operating conditions. Our quality assurance and engineering teams make sure that our processes produce systems that consistently meet your high standards.

Our Strategy and Capability

Our vertically integrated research and development and production give us unparalleled design / manufacturing capability. Our software, mechanical and electrical engineering teams have been on the forefront of machine vision technology since its infancy. Our manufacturing process takes advantage of a true CAD / CAM environment with a completely robotic precision parts loading and machining capability. Highly skilled assembly groups and field support personnel complete the integrated process. This capability benefits our customers and distinguishes us from companies who are mere integrators or assemblers.
Make MicroVision your choice for automation and inspection. Our systems are designed from the ground up for the specified vision or process application. This yields superior results over systems that integrate vision as afterthought.