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    -High Speed Analog/
     Mixed Signal Tester
    -Multi-site MOSFET Test System
    -Power Discrete Test System
    -Next Generation Test System


    -Spare Parts and Service Provider


    -Wide range of Photoelectric
    -Machine Safety Products
    -Measurement & Inspection Sensors
    -Vision Sensor

    -Precision Dimensional
     Measurement Gauge
    -Non-contact Speed
    -Length Gauge
    -Bonding Tools For Disk Drive

    -Bonding Capillaries, Wedges
    -Single Point T.A.B. Tools
    -Die Collets & Vacuum Pick-Up
    -Bonding Tools For Disk Drive Head

    -UV Measurement Instrumentation

    -High Performance Test Contactors

    MicroVision UST
    -Mark & Lead Inspector™ System
     cum Tape & Reel

    -Specially Formulated Surfactant
     for Dicing and Cleaning
     Products for Test, Assembly
     & Packaging of IC Chip Industry

    -Solderability Testers
    -Steam Agers
    -Ionic Cleanliness Testers
    -Wetting Balance Testers

    -Precision Tweezers / Tools

    - Spire Solar
    - World's leading supplier of PV
       turnkey production lines
    - Provider of custom PV systems

    -High Quality Manipulators
    -Alignment Interface

    -UV Light sources, EPROM Erasers

    -Vacuum Pick-up Pens
    -Battery Operated Vacuum Tools

    -Burn-in Board Loader/Unloader
    -NID systems

    -Silver Wire for Bonding

    -Voids Free Oven Solutions

    -UV Lamps
    -LED illumination lamps

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