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Hentec RPS

Solderability Testing Systems

The Hentec|RPS Photon and Pulsar are proven industry platforms for Steam Aging and Dip & Look Solderability Test in accordance with IPC and MIL-spec industry standards.

Photon Steam Ager

Steam Aging “Artificial Aging” Test

  • The Photon steam ager, designed to be used for artificially aging of electronic components and circuit boards per MIL STD202, Method 208 and others.
  • Constructed of high quality stainless steel
  • Available in a single steam chamber for large components.
  • And/Or 3 invidually timed ESD protected drawers.
  • Small footprint for lab processing
  • Unit automatically shuts down at end of programmed cycle.
  • Temp controllers and safety features monitor for overtemp and insufficient water constantly and will shut down system automatically when conditions are triggered.

Pulsar Solderability Test System

Solderability Testing Using “Dip and Look”

  • The Pulsar is a proven system hat performs the "Dip & Look" solderability test in accordane with Mil-STD-202, Method 208, IPC and ANSI specifications.
  • X and Z axis motion control
  • High precision ± .01"
  • Dual alloy processing ready.
  • Precise process control and repeatability.
  • Small footprint for lab processing
  • Standard and customized component tool holders
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