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Spire Solar

Spire Solar Simulators

Spire Solar Simulators is renowned and shines above others when it comes to solar panel testing.

By combining the best technical specifications and lowest cost of ownership, Spire empowers customers to scale up their operations to obtain the highest throughput.

Solar simulator also referred to as flasher or sun simulator by some, is a critical tool for both module production lines and testing/certification laboratories where quality cannot be compromised.

Spire’s Single Long Pulse (SLP) Simulators are the most stable and accurate solar simulators in the industry. It is the industry standard for test agencies and research labs worldwide, including NREL, UL, TÜV, FSEC, CSA, KIER and Bodycote.

Spire Solar SLP Simulator

The Spire Solar 5100SLP Blue 50ms or Spire Solar 5100SLP Blue 100ms.

Designed for high volume production testing of PV modules offering uncompromising performance and quality.

·         The light contains 300nm-400nm and 1100-1200nm, suited for testing PERC

·         Superior repeatability (≤ 0.15%) provides the foundation for long-term simulator stability and “matching” of simulators across multiple plant locations

·         Reduced measurement uncertainty allows tighter power binning

·         Better than Class A+ performance (spectral, spatial, and temporal) - exceeds IEC 60904-9 standards

·         Best form factor for inline automation interfaces combined with high throughput (20 second typical cycle time)

Spire Solar 5600SLP Blue 230ms

The Spire Solar 5600SLP Blue 230ms provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements.

·         Extended 300nm - 1200nm Class A+ spectrum for high efficiency modules (PERC)

·         Spectrum option to 1300nm for high efficiency crystalline and thin film modules

·         Single long pulse > 230ms to get every watt from high efficiency modules

·         Single Flash "triple curve" multi-irradiance testing for precise calculation of series resistance

·         Class A+ spectrum +/- 12.5%*

·         Class A+ uniformity < 1%*

·         Class A+ temporal stability < 0.15%*

·         Best-in-class repeatability < 0.15%

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